Certified Diamond Stock Upload

Robust Stock upload modules allows seller to upload their stock easily with different stock upload format. Seller can create their own custom file format; use Rapnet file format or Default format to upload their diamond stock in bulk wia Excel file. There is also excel plug-in and API services to integrate with your custom software to upload your stock without login in website.

Multiple Sub-User Account

DiamFair allows seller members to create sub-user account under their company so management process can be easily handled by multiple users. Primary user can see all request action done by sub-user.

Manage Loose Diamond Stock

As each company has their different styles of their stock maintain and pricing for loose diamond, DiamFair has designed impressive structure which covers almost all issues and made global solution. In this structure member can define their own Sieves, Clarity and Color Group. By using those group and shape member can set their price chart for listing their loose diamond stock. Member can also track their current stock valuation by compare to sale and purchase value.

Manage Stock and Requests

User-friendly listing of requests get from buyer of Hold request and make Offer, made easy to maintain action taken from multiple sub-users in seller member. Seller member can also track each diamond history from add to sale done by sub-user account. Same in loose diamond whole sale-purchase track can be view.

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